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Verdeza enhances the lives of its residents and provides peace of mind for the whole family

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Verdeza enhances the lives of its residents and provides peace of mind for the whole family

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Verdeza enhances the lives of its residents and provides peace of mind for the whole family

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Verdeza enhances the lives of its residents and provides peace of mind for the whole family

What is Verdeza? Practice of Excellence

A Practice of Excellence

We are experts that offer peace of mind for the entire family through our practice of excellence.

1 Continuing Education Programs for our Staff


With frequent trainings and workshops available in our own facilities, our multidisciplinary staff is able to attend to every aspect of resident care, seeing to it that each individual need is met with excellence, thus ensuring an integral, and holistic, approach to each resident’s well-being.

Some of our core programs include:

  • Basic Ergonomics
  • Cardiac First Response
  • Pathophysiology of Dementia
  • Cognitive Disorder Management
  • Ulcer Prevention, Management, and treatment
  • Basic Electrocardiography for Nursing

2 Professional Policies and Protocols of Care


Manuals, policies, procedures, and protocols govern every internal process that our staff members apply, thus ensuring that each stage of care for the elderly is handled with efficacy and excellence. These protocols allow us to provide quality, personalized attention, and follow up, to each individual resident.

Some of our core protocols are:

  • Nursing Manuals available to staff members
  • Medication Administration protocols and policies
  • Proper use of Clinical Records
  • Waste Management and Classification
  • Restraint Protocols

In addition to the above core protocols, our policies cover every aspect of care for the elderly in a safe and professional manner.

3 Digital Personal and Medical Records for Every Resident


Ever at the forefront of technology, our state of the art records system is a simple, useful, and intuitive application that boosts the productivity and efficiency of our staff members, guaranteeing timely, and effectual, attention to the needs of every resident.

  • European software with 20 years of proven efficacy
  • Medical and personal record maintenance
  • Quick, easy access to important information regarding each resident
  • Reports and monitoring for operations management
  • Valuable and informative reporting for families

4 Environmental Protection in our Daily Operations


Operational sustainability, as well as environmental care and protection, is a holistic part of our philosophy, and is applied to every aspect of our day to day work.

  • We use biodegradable cleaning and laundry products
  • We recycle all waste materials such as paper, plastic, glass, and metal
  • We handle bio infectious waste responsibly

5 Emergency and Occupational Health & Safety Plan


The health and safety of all residents, visitors, and employees is one of our main priorities, thus we have adequate plans and procedures in place to respond to any emergency situation.

  • We have trained safety brigades
  • We frequently conduct drills and practices with staff and residents
  • Our safety protocols are reviewed and updated annually

6 Did You Know?

  • We have served more than 250 residents, and temporary guests, during the last 3 years
  • We have the first Snoezelen multi-sensory stimulation room for seniors in Costa Rica
  • We offer free monthly seminars, led by professional experts who specialize in health topics for the elderly
  • More than 100 doctors have relied on our services
  • We have developed inter-generational projects for the elderly, and children, to raise awareness and educate the population
  • We encourage physical activity through the annual VERDEZATON event: Elderly Walk


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